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Review || Summer Fusion II on


“Now this is where I become speechless, some progressive rock that makes your neck skin crawl. The set played was perfect, the music amazing and the guitar and the feelings put into the music were breathtaking. The progression in the songs is very well thought and the members play as one. Whatever I say will not give justice to the band. Amazing job.” -Mary Maksoud

“I only attended the first 2 tracks being played… and it was enough to say “WOWWWW!” -Rami Rouhana

“The event’s highlight in my opinion was Alan Azar, the solo artist who captivated everyone’s attention as he moved gracefully along his songs from his solo album Defective Harmony. Alan deserved every bit of applause that night and he got ’em from fans who didn’t realize that an instrumental show can have the same amount of energy as a non instrumental band.” -Patrick Saad


“Sept 11 was the first time I have seen Alan Azar play since the Rock Nation (Alienz)…Anyway that was a totally different experience. This time around I got to see him as a *headliner* at The *Summer Fusion II* that was crowded with roughly 900 metalheads on a Friday night. That sort of environment made for one helluva show.First, let it be known that Alan has not lost a step since Alienz split up.The show started off with Defective Harmony (the album) and turned into a tour de force that didn’t let up until the encore performances of Alan and I’ll See the Light Tonight were over. There were five songs played from the new album “Defective Harmony” to promote it, most notably an ass-kicking performance. The songs actually sounded Amzing live…Let it be known, the man knows how to treat his fans.” – SerJ Panossian


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