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Interview with Alan Azar, the first solo artist in a rock event in Lebanon, who will be playing at Summer Fusion II.

LebMetal: Let’s start off with an obvious one. What made you go solo?

Alan: Interesting question. I never thought in my life that I would go solo, because my passion was to have a successful band like (Alienz)… Alienz album was ready but unfortunately the vocal line never been recorded so the album never released. After that my brothers and I decided to explore something new, for our own satisfaction. Why not start a solo album? I will never stop playing music so I went solo.

LebMetal: According to many, you’re a one of the leading guitar players in Lebanon. Still, you’re best known for your work with Alienz, one of the few professional progressive Lebanese bands. How would you compare your solo work with the band work?

Alan: Band work is team work. Every musician can see the same idea but in a different way, so we share the ideas and come up with the best mix and arranging. Working with other musicians gives you inspiration for your own compositions. My solo project was more difficult, because all the focus was on my skills as a guitarist. It’s like a self competition. You have to work on all the instruments and compose melodies on your own. Fortunately, I had the support from my brother Julien, who plays the keyboard, which helped me with the composing as well.


LebMetal: What are your expectations for Summer Fusion II?

Alan: Summer Fusion I was a successful concert and the organization was great, I am happy to be in Summer Fusion II. I believe that a concert like this has created an explosion for the rock scene in Lebanon. This will be my first concert as a solo artist, as well as the first solo artist in a rock event in Lebanon. I am looking forward to the concert and I wish the best of luck to all the bands performing.


LebMetal: You recently released your solo album “DEFECTIVE HARMONY”. Would you be selling it at the event?

Alan: By support from Lebmetal, my album, DEFECTIVE HARMONY will be for sale at the stand during the event, and at the same price as all the stores in Lebanon.

LebMetal: Any last words for Summer Fusion II attendees and LebMetal readers?

Alan: I promised all my fans that I will perform live, and here I am in Summer Fusion 2. This will send me back to the days when I played alongside my old friend and drummer, Ralph Choueiry. We will rock together with our music and for all Lebmetal fans, who greatly supports all Lebanese bands. Also, this site will keep you updated on my latest information and concerts, so keep it in mind.

Alan’s album Defective Harmony will be sold at the LebMetal stand at Summer Fusion II.


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